Prof. Booker T. Coleman "The Power of Melanin"

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  • Title: Prof. Booker T. Coleman "The Power of Melanin"
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    "Black is beautiful" is a famous phrase from the Black Power era of the '60s, but beauty goes beyond just face value. It has been deeply rooted many millennia prior to that. The ancient Kemites (Egyptians) studied and often drew up the power that melanin possesses, depicting the science of such in their many statues and inscriptions throughout the Medu Netcher (hieroglyphs).

    It wasn't just used as a term to boost up one's self-esteem, which had been stripped away after decades of degrading images that were portrayed by Hollywood and by the education system indoctrinating the youth into believing that Black is bad. The genetic memory of a lost people had seemingly been reawakened.

    New York City public school educator and renowned lecturer Professor Booker T. Coleman, a.k.a. Brother Kaba Hiawatha Kamen, is conducting a bi-weekly seminar course titled "An Introduction to Melanin." During the dissertations, he answers:
  • "What is melanin?"
  • "Who has it?"
  • "Where does it come from?"
  • "How does it affect us?"
  • and other frequently asked questions

    "This topic can only be covered over an extended period of time because it is too broad to be done in just one sitting," said the scholar.

    During the 15-week course, he will cover how climate, diet and exposure to the sun are contributing factors as to the different degrees of melanin contained within the body.…
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