Amos 'n Andy: Anatomy of a Controversy DVD

This is an excellent documentary of the A&A show. The late (and sadly forgotten) comedian George Kirby examines and comments on the series from it's inception by creators Freeman Gosden and Charles Correll on radio, through the ill-fated 1930 film "Check & Double Check" (showing all that's worthwhile from the film) as well as the A&A cartoon "The Lion Tamer," and concluding with the 1950s TV show and the resulting controversy.

A good selection of clips, as well as a near-complete episode "Kingfish Sells a Lot" is included in regard to the TV show.

There are also interviews with the (then) surviving cast members.

Surprisingly, Jesse Jackson appears with some positive commentary on the show, admitting that he enjoyed the program as a child.

Redd Foxx warmly recalls his friendship with Tim Moore, the beloved "King Fish" of the show, as well as some interesting points made by Marla "Florence" Gibbs.

Bascially, much of this commentary rebuts the black bourgeois outrage over the show in the 1950s.

Not stated is the real reason for this controversy, the fear among the rising Black middle class that this show would case them not to be taken seriously in the "white world." Thus, the show was bad for business.
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