World's Most Dangerous Magic

World's Most Dangerous Magic features an extraordinary collection of astonishing feats performed by the most daring magicians of all time.

Viewers will be dazzled by a myriad of amazing acts of skill, sorcery, and illusion.

Stunts include extreme magician Roger Gallup plummeting 150 feet while gagged and bound, and master escape artist Dean Gunnarson dangling perilously by his toes over the Hoover Dam.

The action gets even more dangerous when a lovely female magician is sealed in a coffin filled with wharf rats and when master illusionist Steve Wyrick attempts to walk through the spinning blades of a 737 jet engine.

Complete Cast of World's Most Dangerous Magic
  • Dean Gunnarson - Escape Artist
  • Steve Wyrick - Master Illusionist
  • Director(s): Alan Carter
  • Writer(s): Gary Ouellet & Turk Pipkin
  • Producer(s): Greg Sills & Joel Briskin
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