It is startling to realize that even though it is outlawed in many third-world nations and prohibited by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of The United Nations, human slavery still is rampant in our modern civilization.
This hard-hitting documentary brings hidden cameras to locations in Africa, India and the Middle East in order to expose this scandalous evil.
Blindfolded little girl slaves are shown drawing water at primitive wells, while sad-eyed indentured children carry the school books of the offspring of Arab chieftains.
There are heartbreaking images of chained men, women and children who are sold in remote areas to avoid the eye of police and government authorities. In one African country a woman may be worth a horse with a harness. In another region, poverty forces a father to sell his adolescent daughter into a life of misery in exchange for a few glass bottles.
Some African tribes even emasculate their young boys in order to sell them to the Middle Eastern sheiks as harem guards.
Another tribe is so poor that the members offer themselves to slave traders for agonizing lashings in order to demonstrate which are the strongest of their lot.
These are but a few of the countless examples of slavery and human exploitation in contemporary society that are told in this shocking and harrowing documentary.
  • 76 minutes
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