SUPERSTATE - A documentary about Who Really Controls Planet Earth DVD

Not just MILLIONS of dollars, not just BILLIONS of dollars, but TRILLIONS of dollars have been stolen from the pay-checks of workers in the UK and USA to fund an evil Global Plan for de-population.

This plan is called the WORK OF AGES, or known also as THE AEON OF HORUS.

This two hour documentary, directed by British author CHRIS EVERARD shows exclusive footage of the strange machines and cyber-warriors created by the British Ministry of Defence, the Pentagon and private corporations - they are following a plan which Poisons the Soil, Poisons the Sky and Poisons the Seas...

This film, for the first time, presents a biography of JFC FULLER - the British Army's most decorated and celebrated British Military Strategist .

Almost 100 years ago, JFC Fuller foresaw a 100% completely automated Battle Field, where MACHINES and ROBOTS would trash the planet in a never-ending WAR.

More frightening than GEORGE ORWELL - because it is REALLY HAPPENING - "SUPERSTATE" is unlike any documentary you are ever likely to see.

Robots which look like Horses, Cyber-Soldier Suits, which allow a single man to lift 800lb weights, machines which "Eat" corpses on battlefields, suck out the bodily fluids and use them to run a steam engine, constantly grazing and cleaning dead bodies from the battlefields of the Forever Wars.

This is not Science Fiction - this is happening right now. In this remarkable film, we see the Israli Army's military ROBOT-SNAKE which has an "all seeing eye" on it's head, and a tail which plugs in and recharges from any outlet.

Robots which can swim underwater, walk upstairs and even ride bicycles have been developed and are joining the ranks of the military campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan RIGHT NOW.

SUPERSTATE describes this evil agenda, followed by the international network of secret societies - whose members include vice-presidents, presidents and prime ministers.

TRUTH FREQUENCY radio describe SUPERSTATE as "the most important documentary of our age".

  • Directors: CHRIS EVERARD
  • Format: THX, Color
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