The Guy Fisher Story

The final title in the trilogy "Vicious Circle" focuses on the relationship between Guy Fisher an Nicky Barnes, the two most notorious drug figures in the New York drug trade.

Fisher the former owner of the world famous Apollo Theater, and Barnes, named "Mr. Untouchable" by the NY Times, were at once friends, competitors, and allies in the struggle to control the lions share of America's heroin trade. After years of circumventing the law, Barnes was eventually arrested and sentenced to life imprisonment, without the eligibility of parole. Interestingly, the prosecutor in the case was the soon to be mayor of NYC, Rudolph Giuliani. Eleven months after his incarceration, in exchange for a reduction in his sentence, Barnes telephoned Federal prosecutors indicating that he would agree to become a government informant in their case against Guy Fisher and a number of other people. This testimony was all the state needed to put Fisher away for the rest of his life.
  • Guy Fisher is presently serving 25 years to life in a Federal Penetentary with the possiblity of Parole
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