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This powerful documentary travels into the hidden world of voodoo practitioners and offers unique insight into a frequently misunderstood religion.

Haitians turn to priests like Vladimir Bernadel or secret voodoo societies for support and protection.

Vladimir needs money to retire, but his business is declining and the thirty family spirits he normally commands will no longer do his bidding. His problems are further complicated by his girlfriend's ex-boyfriend's desire to kill him.

His problems began after he "bought" a spirit and made it master of his own family spirits, who won't accept an outsider and now only work when they want to.

The film captures a secret ceremony as voodoo priests set fire to a cross in a graveyard and call upon a powerful spirit to kill Vladimir's rival.

Yves and Odette Theophile belong to the secret society Ayan Papa, which they believe gives them strength. In the past year, five of their children died, their business collapsed, and their savings were depleted, but using aid from Ayan Papa they were able to begin a business.

The personal tales reveal two very different aspects of voodoo and reveals the diverse faces of the religion and its role in Haitian life.

  • Directors: Saskia Rietmeijer, Bart Drolenga
  • Producers: Seeview Productions
  • Number of discs: 1
  • Studio: Filmakers Library
  • Run Time: 52 minutes
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