Santos Bonacci: Reclaiming Dominion DVD

Santos Bonacci busts preconceived ideas about law, religion and science and shows how astrotheology underpins the nature of humanity, the Solar System and the entire Cosmos.

At its core, the Vatican (the Saturnian Roman cult) is a business and the world's largest corporation, laying claim to all countries, governments, lands and even souls through its devious Trusts.

The law courts are its temples of finance and power, where you can be imprisoned if you don't know Who You Are.

Bonacci reveals how we can reclaim our dominion and sovereignty by remembering that the "Christ" is not a man but a consciousness within all of us that we are now learning to activate.

  • Run time: 118-mins.
  • English,
  • AR (All Region Format)
  • Full Screen
  • Color
  • DVD Only
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