Satanis..."The Devils Mass" DVD

In a very rare 1970 documentary about the Church of Satan, founder Anton LaVey, along with several of his family members and followers, discusses the philosophical and practical aspects of life in servitude of the man goat. And we do mean discuss!

This exhaustive, exhausting narrative about the quasi-religion's practices and pragmatics is an almost3 hour experience in the extended use of the run-on sentence.

Members talk incessantly about the sexual nature of the religion.

LaVey speaks endlessly about the total freedom of will in Satanism.

Neighbors and know-it-alls share their pedestrian insights in unremitting man/woman on the street interview sequences that border on the cyclical

Even some Osmond-less Mormons show up to preach persistently about God, sin, and something both they and LaVey can get in to: polygamy.

Interspersed with all this yakking are scenes of a supposed Black Mass, which seems to consists of a lot of bad quasi-Edgar Allan Poe-try (quote the raven: never…again!), incredibly out of shape grandma types straddling the altar, and LaVey flitting around in a devil costume, mewing lowly and granting wishes. Yes, there is some salacious stuff going on here and we do get an earful about Anton's pet lion and how it never slept at night But if there is ever a question as to why Beelzebub and his true believers haven't taken over the planet with their carnal creed by now, one viewing of Satanis: The Devil's Mass should explain it all in lethargic, ad nauseum detail.

Factory produced and packaged.

A must-see film for the serious occult researcher.

Contains mature content.

Please note: This was supposed to be a 3 hour presentation, but the video ends abruptly at the 2 hour and 54 minute mark in mid sentence.
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