Inside Buffalo DVD

Inside Buffalo tells the history of the 92nd “Buffalo Soldiers” Infantry Division, the first African American combat unit to fight in World War II.

Inside Buffalo won “Best Documentary” at the Black Berlin International Film Festival and it has been showed in more of 200 venues in the U.S.

This work has been lauded by many individuals and groups, including President Barack Obama

  • Director: Fred Kudjo Kuwornu
  • Studio: FKK Filmz
  • Producer: Fkk Filmz
  • Starring:92nd Infantry Division Veterans
  • Starring: Omar Benson Miller, James McBride
  • Genre:Documentary, Military History, World War II, African-American History, African-American Cinema
  • Rated: Not Rated
  • Run time: 60 Minutes
  • Release date: May 12 2010
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