Scientology, The CIA & MK ULTRA Illuminati Mind Control DVD

After having viewed this DVD Scientology MK Ultra, I can easily conceive how Scientology was and is a segment of government experimentation into advanced mind control techniques.

What is so ironic is that those in charge of it all are actually "the psychs". By Scientology creating the illusion that it is "against psychiatry", this acts as a very effective form of misdirection away from what is really going on.

A key aspect of human population control is the manipulation of appearances. This goes on constantly at every level of society. The methods have been advancing over the past 50 years. Hubbard defined "PR" as the effective control of the beliefs, ideas, wants and opinions of others. Effective PR is actually a form of mind control.

Hubbard delineated very exact procedures for manipulating the beliefs, ideas, wants and opinions of others. Most likely, the results of "the Scientology experiment" have been taken and adopted by various highly secretive government agencies (and greatly expanded upon with their own separate "research").
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