The Cotton Pickin' Truth DVD

The Cotton Pickin' Truth... "Still On The Plantation", is a documentary about slavery in the United States of America and the harsh living conditions for many African Americans today as a direct result of being forced to live in involuntary servitude.

The documentary features: >br>
  • Human rights activist - Dick Gregory
  • Former slave until the 1960's - Mae Louise Miller
  • Presidential adviser and Harvard Law Professor - Charles Ogletree
  • Capitol Hill correspondent - George Wilson,
  • Glendora, Mississippi Mayor -- Johnny Thomas
  • And many more.

    Producers of the film, Tobias "Profit" Smith and Timothy Smith, are a father and son film making duo who firmly believe in putting "the mission before the money."

    They set out to produce a documentary on former slave Mae Louise Miller in July of 2009. In the process of researching slavery in America, they uncovered people still living on present day plantations in Mississippi.

    They also discovered that the average living conditions for people in the Mississippi delta are far below subsistence level.

    "The Cotton Pickin' Truth... Still On The Plantation" is a shocking and compelling documentary about slavery that calls for the rewriting of American history as we know it.

    Run Time: 1 Hour 10 Minutes

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