Confessions of an Economic Hit Man DVD

Perkins spent the 1970s working as an economic planner for an international consulting firm, a job that took him to exotic locales like Indonesia and Panama, helping wealthy corporations exploit developing nations as, he claims, a not entirely unwitting front for the National Security Agency.

He says he was trained early in his career by a glamorous older woman as one of many "economic hit men" advancing the cause of corporate hegemony. He also says he has wanted to tell his story for the last two decades, but his shadowy masters have either bought him off or threatened him until now.

Amy Goodman's radio and TV show, Democracy Now, was the first broadcast media outlet to recognize the importance of Confessions of an Economic Hit Man and to have John Perkins on as a guest.

Goodman's hour-long interview was instrumental in bringing the book to the attention of a wide audience and making it a national bestseller.

Under Goodman's intelligent, probing questioning, Perkins expands on the themes in the book, discussing his experiences all over the world as an economic hit man, his friendship with Omar Torijos, the involvement of people like Robert McNamara and George Schultz, and how he came to write this extraordinary book.
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