Get Rich Quick Spells with William Alexander Oribello (2006) DVD

A 90 minute DVD presentation on the use of ritualistic candles, herbs, and oils to gain financial security and eliminate debt from your life.

The late teacher and lecturer William Alexander Oribello had a truly encyclopedic knowledge of the various herbs, minerals, potions and oils used down through the ages to heal and bring blessings for those who use them correctly. Oribello also managed to make connections between the various spells with the prophets and saints of the Bible, explaining that the herbs and oils, etc., used have no innate power in themselves, but are rather to be considered "points of contact" through which one stimulates the forces of the God who created us to come into our lives for the sake of helping us deal with everyday problems and concerns.

This 90-minute lecture, entitled "Get Rich Quick Spells," contains a wealth of interesting methods to not only bring money blessings our way, but also to aid in romance as well as in numerous forms of spiritual growth. Oribello demonstrates patiently and methodically, in step-by-step, easy to follow directions, how to harness the power of God by channeling it through ceremonies that involve the careful utilization of the numerous aforementioned herbs, minerals and oils.

While there are many who feel that such occult practices are demonic in nature, Oribello assures his audience that what "occult" really means is "hidden knowledge," and he often invokes the names of Moses and Jesus in making his points. He also illustrates a modern kind of "magic" that is taken for granted. The more expensive perfumes, he says, the kinds costing, say, two hundred dollars an ounce, bring such a high price because they very effectively stimulate the unconscious mind of members of the opposite sex and exert a strong attractive force, thus functioning as a love potion of sorts, what you might call "perfume magic." We are all aware of this on some level, although we never assign anything deeply mysterious to it. In a similar way, Oribello teaches, the spells and potions one can learn to make use of by watching this video function very much in real world terms and are not mere superstition.

Oribello instructs viewers on numerous rituals to be performed as part of the overall magical process. We learn how to first exorcise and then bless salt, which is used for moneymaking spells as well as love spells. The blessing of oil and the burning of certain herbs are explained in detail, in terms of the symbolism involved in each and every step, as well as the practical recipes required to bring the desired results.

Oribello lectures in a clear and level-headed way, and the basic format of the DVD is simple and unpretentious. We see Oribello seated on a couch as he carefully prepares the spells and potions, and there are close-ups of the various herbs and oils and other trappings of the process so that viewers who want to try it for themselves can easily follow the directions at home.

As Oribello explains, the power made manifest through these various forms of nature was intended by God for use by humans. God wishes us to be happy and healthy, and has thus made the means for doing so easily available in creation for those who know where to look and how to make good use of that knowledge without attempting to control or otherwise misuse their fellow man. Like everything else in life, occult magic can be put to both good and evil uses.

"Get Rich Quick Spells" may not be for everyone, but those already familiar with the occult can doubtless learn a few new techniques to add to their present knowledge, while the uninitiated can get an introduction to the working of spells that is non-threatening, entertaining, and most of all interesting. And if you do succeed in drawing a money blessing into your life using Oribello's methods, then this DVD is surely worth its purchase price.
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