Mao Tse Tung: China's Peasant Emperor DVD

For 25 years Mao Zedong ruled one quarter of the world's population.

This is the extraordinary story of a farmer's son who became a God in his life time but in private never shook off his peasant roots.

A man who presided over one of the most radical experiments in social reform ever seen in human history but who will be remembered as one of the bloodiest dictators of the twentieth century.

This program--told through the accounts of those who have met and studied him, loved and loathed him--includes archive film and pictures going back to the very earliest days of Mao's life, as well as unique film of China at the turn of the century and during key episodes in Mao's communist revolution. It includes harrowing and eye-witness accounts of such momentous events as the cultural revolution, the Great Leap Forward and the most severe man-made famine ever recorded.

  • Color & Black & White
  • Run Time 45 Mins

    Plus Bonus feature - Lost Treasures of the Ancient World - Ancient China ~ A 48 minute film. The main subjects include the Great Wall of China, the Silk Trade and the Philosophy of Legalism.
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