Life on the edge of a Bubble. "Blowing the American dream"

Almost every 90 years since our nation's inception, each generation finds itself living on the edge of a bubble. Rising prices of real estate, stock, bonds, and commodities lure us to borrow our way to prosperity. However, our current crisis is not unique. Ride along as we uncover the real invisible hand operating this roller coaster, tempting us with hope as we climb the ladder of the American Dream.

Life On The Edge of A Bubble challenges the prevailing view of the sudden, unforeseeable and unique nature of the crisis by bringing to light the unfamiliar historical pattern; in fact, each generation has found itself precariously perched on the edge of a bubble.

While the media focuses on symptoms, this film addresses the root causes that politicians, lobbyists and corporate executives conveniently avoid.

The pattern unfolds for the viewer in an entertaining and accessible blend of archival footage, historical vignettes, and snapshots of current events, revealing the story in a sometimes irreverent, often surprising manner.

The DVD also includes a special documentary short on the genesis of our nation's banking and financial system.

If knowledge is power, then this film arms the viewer with the information they need to restore the promise of the American Dream

Directors: William Lewis
  • Producers: William Lewis, Michael Berger
  • Format: NTSC, Color
  • Rated: NR (Not Rated)
  • Run Time: 102 minutes Buy the Product: