Brooklyn Babylon (2001)

Sol (Tariq Trotter) is an up-and-coming hip-hop artist from the Jamaican section of Crown Heights. Sara (Karen Goberman) is a straightlaced Jewish girl from a very religious family. Their worlds collide (literally) one night when a car carrying Sol and his pal Scratch (Bonz Malone) collides with a car driven by Sara's boyfriend Judah (David Vadim). Judah and Scratch quickly get into a heated argument about who is at fault, but Sol and Sara share an instant, mysterious connection.

Tensions mount between the Jewish and black communities as Judah and a group of Jewish vigilantes seeks vengeance on Scratch, and Scratch retaliates by blowing up Judah's car. Judah and his friends retaliate by burning down the door to Club Dread, a popular hip-hop nightspot where Sol and his group are playing.

As the situation escalates, Sol and Sara reject the madness the see coming from their friends and relatives, and seek refuge in each other.
  • Special appearance by Slick Rick
  • Featuring Music by The Roots
  • Run Time 90 Mins
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