Hip Hop Harry

Hip Hop Harry is a preschool, dance, musically – based, and live action program designed to entertain, educate, and inform children in the 3 to 6 year old age group. The major entertainment and educational areas that form the curriculum for this program include experiences and activities related to (a) social / emotional skills, (b) cognitive / educational skills, (c) physical / health skills, and (d) artistic / creative skills. The core approach utilized for providing the children with the educational, informational, and creative experiences contained in these four areas are the positive and age appropriate use of the popular music and dance form known as HIP HOP.

Hip Hop is one of the major music and dance voices for children and youth today. Hip Hop includes art, dance, language, and music, but equally important it is an active, creative, and engaging cultural form that extends across all ethnic, class, and gender lines throughout the world. Educators have known for a long time that children learn more when they are actively engaged and interested in the learning process. The Hip Hop Harry Program uses the popularity of this art form as a vehicle for bringing educational and entertaining ideas, positive life-lessons, and prosocial values to developing children.
  • Run Time: 1Hr 23mins
  • VHS & DVD
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