Women Who Kick Butt "10 Movies on 5 Double Sided DVD'S"

  • TNT JACKSON: Playboy Playmate Jeanne Bell stars in this action flick directed by Roger Corman about an undercover female cop posing as a hooker in Hong Kong to track down her missing brother. She kicks! She smashes! She kills! She's dynamite! (Approx. 90 minutes)
  • FIRING LINE:Shannon Tweed stars as a woman on the run from a Central American government. She encounters a military advisor (Reb Brown) and the duo go on a mission to train the rebel forces against this corrupt government. Viva la revolucion! (90 minutes)
  • GET CHRISTIE LOVE:Teresa Graves stars as the sexy undercover operative Christie Love in this classic blaxploitation flick. Love goes deep undercover to bring down a big-time drug ring and just when it seems the bad guys have her, this foxy cop uses her street smarts and kung-fu to turn the tables. (90 minutes)
  • SISTER STREET FIGHTER:A spine shattering, bone blasting journey into action. Legendary Japanese action star Sonny Chiba stars as a martial arts expert committed to helping a beautiful drug investigator in her search for her missing brother. When these two run into dead ends, they break through them! Look out, sugar! (Approx. 100 minutes)
  • LEAVING SCARS:When an old friend is butchered to death, a case of mistaken identity pushes the alluring Diane Carlson (Lisa Boyle) into a danerous web of drug money, pornography, and high stakes prostitution on the streets of Los Angeles, where everything is "real". Vengeance fuels the soul of this bombshell as she gives the killers a taste of their own medicine...and once she aquires a taste for murder, she can't be stopped! (90 minutes)
  • EMANUELLE: QUEEN OF THE DESERT:In this erotic thriller, based on the novel The Time of the Wild Beast, the infamous sex goddess finds herself trapped in the middle of a brutal war between guerilla factions in a mysterious desert. Just when you think it's hot enough, it gets even hotter! This hypnotic beauty becomes the main focus of the war as all the

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