From Palace to Plantation to Glory

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Title: "From Palace to Plantation to Glory"

Most schools in America begin the history of African-Americans with slavery.
That curriculum promotes negative effects on African-American children.
To mention a few, it frustrates the learning ability of a reasonable number of African-American students and prevents the instructional efforts of dedicated teachers and schools from having positive impacts on some of them.
It also promotes low self esteem and the disrespecting names-calling such as "nigger," "too black," and "bitch," among some. It discourages a reasonable percentage from developing their talents for self and the society benefits.

"From Palace To Plantation To Glory," (a new 70 minute video DVD documentary, with a teacher's guide and African-American radio talk host narrator), provides solutions to a misrepresented course curriculum.
It starts the history of African-Americans from royalty and nobility. It is extensive research works of professors of African and African-American history and the reminiscences of elders over the age of 100 who knew the nobility and the royalty of African-American ancestors.
Let's begin to use these research works, as introduction to African-American history.

When we promote the virtues and the greatness of our ancestors,we are promoting ourselves.
When we are silent about it, we are indirectly supporting the negative propaganda that devalues us and assigns "slavery," as our origin.

We can only be made inferior with our support and cooperation.

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