Lest We Forget DVD

A Video presentation showing a Private Collection of Slavery Artifacts, Historical Slavery Documents & Jim Crow Objects.

The "Lest We Forget" collection and presentation provides an opportunity to examine and explore the factual aspects of the African American Slave Trade experience. It offers an approach to teaching an appalling period in American history.

The ability to see items from that period brings history alive and gives meaning to the pain and suffering endured by Africans in America.

We examine the harsh realities of slavery and offer a truthful account of what slavery was like for Africans captured primarily for enslavement.

Our presentation provides a clear understanding of how coming to America for enslaved Africans was far different from other ethnic groups who willingly immigrated to America and were free to take part in the "American Dream".

Following Reconstruction the "Jim Crow" era further fed the fires of bigotry by creating misconceptions of Blacks that created a lasting prejudice towards Blacks.

We also acknowledge the critical role freed blacks and white sympathizers working together, played in creating the Underground Railroad network that greatly contributed to the abolishing of slavery.

Our artifact exhibit and factual presentation "brings history alive". While "Lest We Forget" offers a candid examination of a dark and tragic period in American history it also provides a healthy appreciation for the enduring strength and spirit of African American people.

Our task is to familiarize the descendants of slaves and slaveholders with their past in a true and historical sense and recognize those who have mastered their destiny.

Our presentations are suitable for all ages and ethnic groups. Our presentations are formatted to fit within a 35 minute time frame.

We review all periods of slavery from the Capture, Middle Passage Voyage, Auctions, Underground Railroad and Emancipation.

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There is a revealing rap video at the end on the presentation: A graphic look at yesterday's terrifying acts committed by others compared with today's "Black on Black" Crime.
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