If Only I Were an Indian (1995)

A glimpse into the disorienting world of the "White Wampum" tribe, a group of Czechs and Slovaks who maintain a deep interest in North American Native cultures, and live deep in the forests of central Europe; the several hundred and some odd tribesmembers live in teepees, and dress in loincloths, feathers and moccasins.

Thusly the study colis seductively through such diverse issues as radical environmentalism, cultural appropriation, colonialism and over-identification with the Other, subverting accepted wisdoms of tradition versus modernity.

  • Production Status: Released
  • Genres: Documentary
  • Run Time: 1hr. 20mins.
  • Production Co.: Zemma Pictures National Film Board of Canada
  • Produced in: Canada
  • VHS & DVD
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