African Centered Education Volume 4 DVD


John Henrik Clarke explained in no uncertain terms what immediate steps we need to take to redefine and insure our future.

In that this effort must be an intergenerational venture, it is of utmost importance that the individual talents of Afrikan youth must be identified, tapped into and allowed to flourish into mature skills that will decisively benefit their people.

Dr. Clarke called upon committed, Afrikan centered adults to develop what he called a “priesthood,” an exclusive, highly personalized, monastic institution that will discipline and hone our children for their forthcoming battles with an ever-evolving enemy.

He said, based on his familiarity with the wisdom of the ages and that well-learned historical lesson that freedom is something that must be constantly battled for, that our children need to be directed by those of us who know (and are willing to learn) of this battle and have woven a warrior’s view into their purpose as Afrikans.

Our children’s definition of nationbuilding cannot be left to chance in this white supremacist, anti-Afrikan, mentacidal cultural wasteland.

Their instruction and preparation has to be a concerted effort full of Afrikan intent.

Our children need a controlled and directed guiding hand from historically informed adults who have nothing less than their best interests at heart.
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