Bitter Cane "Haiti"

  • Examines the history of Haiti, from the 1804 revolution to the occupation (1915-34) by U.S. Marines, and the repressive Duvalier regimes of `Papa Doc' and `Baby Doc.'
  • Interviews with peasants, landowners, merchants and U.S. businessmen reveal the workings of the semi-feudal agricultural system and the rapidly growing industrial sector, including such consequences as growing unemployment in the U.S. and the perilous ocean voyage of Haitian refugees.
  • A vision of Haitian society: the farmers and workers, the historic and economic roots of migration. The role of the U.S.'s political and economic presence is analyzed as well as the dictatorship of Duvalier.
  • Secretly filmed for six years in Haiti.
  • Produced by Haiti Films
  • 1983
  • Color,
  • Run Time: 71 mins
  • VHS & DVD
  • Silver Plaque, Chicago Film Festival *
  • Award of Merit, Latin American Studies Association
  • " especially instructive case study of U.S.-Third World relations...Highly recommended for general and special audiences."--Library Journal
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