Jackson 5 in Africa DVD

The Jackson 5 in Africa, A never-before-seen documentary chronicling the J-5's concert tour to Senegal.

Equal parts propaganda film, time capsule, and jam session.

Just seconds off the plane, the Jacksons are surrounded by Sabar dancers in regal attire.

It continues on in that peculiar mysticism as the family tours the National Palace, a primary school, on Goree Island, and the Medina, where candle lights in tin-roofed huts are likened to "twinkling stars" in the night sky.

The boys were captured at a rare point in their lives - not yet jaded by fame, still young enough to be awestruck by skyscrapers in the capital.

Decked in royal beads, they move with a grace and carriage typically reserved for older men.

What was evident from their first sold out performance at Demba Diop stadium, was not only how wide the J-5's international appeal was, but also how plugged in to contemporary African-American culture the Senegalese - and indeed all Africans - were.

From their clothes to their style, hair, and swagger, the Africans could have been jamming in a stadium in Detroit.
  • Run Time: 56 mins
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