Sade "Life Promise Pride Love" DVD

  • Timeless and still moving. I dig the songs more now than when they first hit the airwaves back in the 80's and 90's. There's a good balance of hits representing the first four albums: three each from "Diamond Life" and "Promise," and four each from "Stronger Than Pride" and "Love Deluxe." There's also a bonus hit, "By Your Side," from the most recent album "Lovers Rock." As Sade fans can well understand, it's hard to tire of this alluring music.
    This compilation makes a great addition to anyone's musical DVD library. The first ten tracks are vintage 80's productions, with the most common settings being bars, nightclubs and casinos, occasionally frequented by a cast of underworld characters or other mystery men (whatever). As far as I can tell, the videos are ordered chronologically, and both the production value and creativity improve as you keep watching. Most are in color, but the four b/w videos are especially noteworthy for their artistry: "Never as Good as the First Time," "Nothing Can Come Between Us," "Cherish the Day," and "Feel No Pain." Directors Sophie Muller and Brian Ward chalk up the most video credits with five and four, respectively.

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