Category: Kung Fu Movies

Champ vs. Champ (1983)

Black Belt Jones

Black Fist & The Headhunter (Double Feature)

36 Crazy Fists

Legends of Kung Fu

Fists of Fury

Black Belt Jones 2

Black Samurai "Jim Kelly "

Fighting Black Kings "VHS & DVD"

Blood of The Ninja

The Challenge of Master Killer / Invincible Super Guy

Foul Hero / Super Kung Fu Fighter

Jade Hairpin & Iron Ox: The Tiger Killer

Buddha's Palm and Dragon Fist

Duel of Ultimate Weapons (1978)

Fistful of Talons/Kung-Fu Zombie

Fists of Shaolin/Out of Danger

Iron Fist Adventure/Thundering Ninja

Magnificent Kick & Butcher Wing

Monkey With 72 Magic/Ninja Untouchables

Shaolin Iron Finger/Satyre Monks

Tigers at the Top

8 Strikes of the Wildcat

Kung Fu Crusade

Chinese Hercules

Ninja against Shaolin

Rage of the Masters

The Greatest Fights of Martial Arts Part II


Iron Kung Fu

Legend Of The 8th Samurai

Fist of Fear, Touch of Death (1977)

God of Killers (1981)

Screaming Ninja

Street Fighter (1974)

Big Boss of Shanghai (1979)

Invincible Armour (1977)

Return of the Leg Fighter & Shanghai Girl Boxer

Shaolin Invincible Sticks (1978)

Beggar of No Equal / Warrior of Fire

Buddhist Fist and Tiger Claws, Part 1: Secret Executioners

Seven Steps of Kung Fu

Snake Strikes Back & Black Eagle's Blade

One Armed Swordsmen (1976)

Shaolin Mega Force/Invincible Iron Palm

The Street Fighter's Last Revenge (1979)


Wu Tang Witch & Martial Arts

Return of the Warriors - Twenty Movie Set

Daggers 8

36 Deadly Styles

Blood Fight

37 Plots of Kung Fu/Revenge of Fury

36th Chamber

Angry Fist

Born to Defense (2004)

Secret of the Snake and Crane (1976)

Kung Fu From Beyond the Grave

Black Dragon Fever

Black Ninja