Category: Controversial Lectures Q thru Z

Aseer & Saa Neter "Unlocking the Mystery of History"

Dick Gregory "The Time is Now"

Sister Myra El "You have been Totally Screwed!"

Sara Suten Seti "The Rise of Seti"

Dick Gregory - You Can't Handle The Truth DVD

Sista Myrah "Spiritual Reality Vs. The Physical Illusion"

Brother Del Jones "Report to Malcolm X"

The Science of the Moon "The Moon God Pantheon in Religion"


Runoko Rashidi "What They Never Told you in History Class"

Quantum Astrology: Science, Spirit & Our Place in Cycles of History


Reflections And Warnings: An Interview With Aaron Russo

Michael Badnarik "The Constitution"

Quantum Hologram & E.S.P. DVD

Bro. Israel "Wisecraft Divination" Pt. 1

Rev. Joseph Carswell "The Wizzard Of Oz and Barack Obama"

Strategic & Indirect Warfare "The True Face of FEMA"

Bro Saa Neter "Street Consciousness"

New Black Panther Party "The White Man is Not Your Friend"

The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra

Weird Energy Devices DVD

Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price DVD

Who Runs the Moorish Science Temple of America DVD

The Book your Church doesn't want you to read DVD

Your Money Your Future - How to avoid becoming poor

War against the Indians

Dr. Asa Hilliard "Sankofa - The Process"

Marimba Ani " African Spiritual Philosophy " DVD

Spiritual Warriors are Healers DVD

Quantum Creations DVD

War of Propaganda "Master Fard ~ Black God or Caucasian Drug Dealer"

Dan Burstein's Secrets of Angels, Demons & Masons (2005)

Dr. Patricia Newton "Sexual Trauma in the Black Community"

Revolutionary Activism (Spooks & Niggerism)

Star Wars Weapons and End Times Warfare

Treatment of Incarcerated Black Women

The Real Eve

Wag the Dog (Brain Wash Vol.1)

The True History of Ptah "Who is Ptah?"

Weapons of Mass Deception DVD

Anpu "Zodiac 101" DVD

The Secret

Zeitgeist "The Movie"

The Secret Nasa Transmissions

2012 Transformation of Consciousness

Free your African Mind (The Real Untold Story)

Is the White Man a Light Skin African ? DVD

House of Konsciousness "Street Documentary" DVD

"Ralph Epperson "Taxation Without Representation"

Underground Bases and The New World Order

The Tekhen: Uncovering The Influence Of Ancient Egypt DVD

Madame Butterfly "Revelations of the New World Order"

Madame Butterfly : Religion Vs Karma Sutra

StarGate 2012

Dr. Rosie Milligan "Why Black Men Choose White Woman"

Ring of Power DVD

Cousiousness Kent "Secret Science For Physical & Spiritual Transformat

Dr. Kwame Ture' "Zionism"

Na'im Akbar "Visions for Black Men"

Farrakhan "The White Man Fear Genetic Annihilation"

Your Immortal Brain: Mastering the Art of Observation

Signs of Destiny 2012: DVD

An Evening With Zecharia Sitchin DVD

Steve Cokely "Who's behind the Murder of Khalid Muhammad""

Stupidity DVD

Wicked Music Industry DVD

Lord Abba - Redemption of the Moors

Reality Vs Mythology ~ Street Consciousness Debate

Brother Kha Sekhem: Willie Lynch Decoding

Puppet Master "The Secret Life of J. Edgar Hoover"

David Icke "Secrets of The Matrix"

Brother C. Freeman EL "Taurus"

Brother C. Freeman EL "Virgo"

Sacred Weeds

Natural Tahuti & Ali Muhammad "Who is God Male or Female???"

Prof. Delbert Blair "Science of The Female"

Bobby Hemmitt "Towers of Destiny"

Who Really Bombed the WTC ? "Dick Gregory"

Azzaziel "Sex Magic"

Jordan Maxwell "Secret Societies"

Dr. Leonard Jeffries "Slavery"

Dr. Gabriel Oyibo "Theory of Creation"

Dr. Khalid Muhammad "White Killer Cops & Black Sellouts" Video

Phil Valentine: The Seat of Satan ~ The Throne of Rome

Bobby Hemmitt "Towers of Destiny"

The Science of the Moors "Dr. Ivan Van Sertima"

Bro. Alim EL Bey "Rituals & Alchemy"

Pastor Ray Hagins- A Woman on a Mission

Khalid Muhammad: Secret Relationship between Blacks & Jews

Sister Souljah Speaks

Sovereignty DVD Series

Sabir Bey "Rights Vs. Privileges"

Prof. Delbert Blair "The Sun"

Sacred Geometry & Telekinesis DVD By Nysut: Amun-Re Sen Atum-Re

Steve Cokely "Rape of the Black Community"

Khalid Muhammad "Revolutionary Tricks of the Trade"

Dr. Anthony Browder "Secrets Hidden in Plain Sight"

Marimba Ani " Yurugu " Video Presentation

Bobby Hemmitt "Speaks to the Nuwabians"

Waiting to Inhale DVD

Return of the Sol Brothers (Live from Bavaria, Germany)

Phil Valentine: The Tetragrammaton


Azzaziel "Sex Magic 2"

Queen Vallahra Harre Bey "What is Currency"

We have come together to bring you solutions

Sister Yafaa "Religion & Mind Control"

Khalid Muhammad "Stop the Execution Start the Revolution"

Anthony Browder "Secrets Hidden in Plain Sight"

Prof. Amos Wilson "True Meaning of Black Manhood"

Phil Valentine "Uniform Commercial Codes"

Bobby Hemmitt "What if the God you serve is the Devil?"

They Came Before Columbus "Ivan Van Sertima"

Dr. Ray Hagins "When Did You Stop Being Slaves"

Alim EL Bey "The Root of the Old & New Testament"

Queen Valarah El Har Bey "Rise of the Moors"

War Star

Sovereignty Course DVD