Category: Controversial Lectures A thru G

Ali Muhammad "Django Decoded" DVD

Black Dot - Bro. Rich-Bro. A. A. Rashid "5 Bloodlines of Hip Hop"

Booker T. Coleman "The Curriculum of Correction"

Brother Alim El Bey: Ancient Sexual Healing

Amos Wilson "Black on Black Violence" Video

Ray Hagins~Walter Williams: Difference between Religion & Spirituality

Fiat Money System (DVD)

Tony Browder - From Precious to Monsters Ball DVD

Dr. Charles Finch: The Dogon Prophecies

Queen Valarah El Har Bey "Battle Vs Battle"

Bro A. A. Rashid Davinci Code & The Matrix of Confusion

Dr. Anthony Browder "Decoding & Unlocking the Secrets of the Secret"

Dr. Leonard Jeffries "Euro-Centric Vs. Afrikan Centered"

Ali Muhammad " Chemical Meaning of Freemasonry & the Black Body"

Esoteric Cosciousness of Enlightenment

Anthony Browder "African Orgins of Science & Metaphysics"

Del Jones "The American N*gga Factory" DVD

Bro. A.A. Rashid 2012 Consciousness & its Effects Now

From Atum to Adam

Delbert Blair "Bloodline of the Gods"

Bro. Umar Johnson "Black Male/Female Relationships" Pt.2

From Atum to Adam Pt 2

The Colors of Conspiracy DVD

Jawanza Kunjufu "Black Students Middle Class Teachers"

Taj Tarik Bey: Divine Warning for the Black Nation

Prof. James Smalls "Afrikan Liberation"

Exposed "L. Ron Hubbard & The Nation of Islam" DVD

Ali Muhammad "Are we Black, White, Negro, Colored or What?"

Sara Suten Seti "The False Teachings of the Moorish Science Temple"

Steve Cokely "Domestic Spying" Live

Taj Tarik Bey "Drivers License Fraud"

Prof. Booker T Coleman "The Evil of Mankind"

Brother Azzaziel "Commercial Programs of the Illuminati"

Sabir Bey "Are you State Property ?"

Dr. Amos Wilson "Black Male/Female Relationships"

Amos Wilson "Devolopmental Psychology of The Black Child"

Black Relationships

Amos Wilson "Falsification of African Consciousness"

Jordan Maxwell "Egypt Light of the World"

Brother Tehuti Vs Dr. True Islam "The Gods at War" Round 1

Astrological Autopsy of Michael Jackson" DVD

Anpu "Exposing the Rituals of Hollywood"

Decoding The Matrix of Hip Hop

Saa Neter & Divine Allah "Get Free or Die Trying"

Brother Neb: From Allah to Aliens ~ From Islam to Ignorance DVD

Bavarian Illuminati

Great Harlem Debate "Obama Election Was it Good for Black People?" DVD

Cosmic Black Consciousness

Na'im Akbar Ph.D. "Breaking the Chains of Psychological Slavery"

Brother Sharif "Ancient Magic and the Urban Shaman" DVD

Great Harlem Debate "Is The White Man The Devil?" DVD

Sister Myra J. Moss "Connecting With The Spirit Within" DVD

Secret Underground Lectures Of Commander X DVD

Great Harlem Debate "Is Hip Hop Good for Black People?" DVD

Wayne Chandler "Ascension into your Immortal Self" DVD

Fighting the Poltergeist DVD

Blacked out through Whitewash DVD

The Death of Ron Brown

Dr. Leonard Jefferies "Euro-Cenntric Vs. Afrikan Center"

The Code " The Complete Four Part Series"

Ausar Paul "Absolute Infinition of Self"

Black Hair "The Korean Takeover of the Haircare Industry"

Ali Mazuri "The African's" Nature of a Continent

Sister Souljah "Current Crisis in Manhood & Hip Hop"

The Flouride Deception (DVD)

Shaka Ahmose "Cracking the Codes of Islam" Pt. 1 DVD

Breaking the invisible Shackles of the IRS (DVD)

Apocalypse Africa: Made in America (2008)

Electromagnetic Pollution and Weaponry DVD

The Destruction of Atlantis DVD

Architects of Control: Program 1 Mass Control & the Future of Mankind

The God Genes Decoded DVD

Chike Akua ~ African Origins of Writing & Mathematics

Darwins Nightmare DVD

BUSTED: The Citizen's Guide to Surviving Police Encounters

How to Read Faces - The Ultimate Advantage DVD

CSA: The Confederate States of America (2003)

Demonic Possession of Jay-Z & Rihanna DVD

Rick Smith "European Confessions of a Morrish Legacy"

2012: An Awakening (2009)

KRS-1 Black Law DVD

Kwame Toure: Fundamentals for Unity DVD

The Giza Power Plant DVD

Dr. Edward Nichols Cultural Differences Between Black, White & Others

Is Computer Software the New God ? DVD

Irritated Genie: Black Business Ethics

Sabir Bey Black Codes "From Past to Present" DVD

Rudra & Prof Griff "Atlantis Rising"

Dr. Kweku Andoh "The Dog Star Sirius"

Bro Zabach "Bible Prophecy" Dooms Day for the Devil

Ausar Paul "Absolute Infinition of Self" Part 2

Conspiracy (2001) The Movie

DVD Replication

Flow "How did a handful of corporations steal our water" (2008)

DNA - Pirates of the Sacred Spiral, Dr. Leonard Horowitz, 2005

The Family That Walks On All Fours

The Great Debate "Saa Neter & Seti Vs. Sabir Bey & Intelligence Bey"

You Tube 13 "Extinction of the White Race"

Dr. Edward Bruce Bynum "The African Genesis"

William Mackey "The Real Story of the Crimes of US Presidents"

Bush Family Fortunes DVD

The Empire in Africa (2006)

Chavez: Inside the Coup (a.k.a. "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised"

Dead Doctors Don't Lie DVD

400 Years Without A Comb" - Black Hair Documentary

Saa Neter- Burning At the Stake: 500 Years of Lynching DVD

The Borg Agenda DVD

Shaka Ahmose "Cracking the Codes of Islam" Pt. 2 DVD

The Chart of 2012 - Lessons in Astrology

Secrets of Alchemy - The Great Cross and the End of Time

Bro. Lamar "The Demons of Hip Hop"

Prince Uriel Bey "Axis Consciousness Grid Changes" DVD

A.A. Rasheed "The Currency of Metaphysical Hip Hop"

Hakim H.Y. Bey Do You Truly Know Who You Are?

Goree Island "The Door of No Return"

Brother Del Jones "Amerikan Nigger Factory"

Bro. Enqi "Black Sex 101"

Betrayal by any other Name... DVD

The College Conspiracy

Alexander Retrov "Comet Elenin is Coming"

Alexander Retrov "Comet Elenin is Coming" Emergency Edition

Tim Wise Speaks On "The Browning of America"

Steve Cokely "The Boule"

Sister Assata Shakur Speaks!

Brother Tehuti Vs Dr. True Islam "The Gods at War" Round 2

Confessions of a B.E.T. Producer

George Carlo "Cellphone War"

Dr. Edward Scobie & Dr. Leonard Jefferies "From Greece to Columbus"

Bro Nakim A. Bey "Constitutional Rights"

Dr. Charshee McIntyre " Afrocentric to Thanksgiving"

Bro Zabach "Dooms Day for White America"

Esoteric Agenda

Brother Lamar "Black Zombies"

Brother Lamar "Daughters of Willie Lynch"

Sister Chielo Israel "Breaking the Curse of Willie Lynch"

Lord Graceful Malik "Crackers, Presidents & Earthquakes"

Bill Schnoeblen "Exposing The Illuminati From Within"

Dr. Molefi Kete Asante "Ebonics"

Dr. Richard King "Ancient Egyptian Psychiatry"

Queen EL. Harre Bey: Blacks Law Dictionary

A Blueprint for Tyranny

Minister Mutwase "Destroying Western Civilization with N*gga Vibration

Cosmic Elenin and the Shift of Consciousness

Prof. Carole Barnes: Melanin: The Chemical Key To Greatness DVD

Chief Elder Upchurch "Ascension of your Inner God"

Chinese Numerology DVD

Emerging Viruses "Truth Behind Aids & Ebola"

Alim EL Bey (Lesson #1) Declaration of Independence

Khalid Muhammad "The Bullet or the Ballot"

Minister Farrakhan "Don't Forget where the Whiteman came from"

Dr. Khalid A. Muhammad "666 Mark of The Beast"

Understanding Black Culture "Del Jones"

Bobby Hemmitt "Conspiracy of Sound"

Rev. Phil Valentine: The Book Of Earth (Part 1)

Rev. Phil Valentine "The Book of Earth Vol 2"

Phil Valentine: Genetic Ascension

Azzaziel~Phil Valentine~Hakim Bey "The Great Meeting #2"

Brother Alim Bey "The Fallen Angels & The Return of The Ancient Ones"

Africans in America: America's Journey Through Slavery (1998)

Dr. Llaila Afrika "Enhancement of African Sexuality"

Bobby Hemmitt "Dracula Particle"

Phil Valentine "Brink of Annihilation & Metaphysics of Deception"

Phil Valentine "The Effects of Slavery is Deep Within You"

Black History Untold

Mantak Chia "Awaken Healing Light"

Sister R.V. Bey "Astrology Made Easy"

God's Chosen People "Khalid Muhammad "

Brother Alim Bey: Cultivating Male & Female Sexual Energy

Mantak Chia Healing Love DVD

Bobby Hemmitt "Egyptian Afrikan Powers in The New Day"

Dr. Alim EL Bey "Alchemy"

Brother Alim EL Bey "The Darkside & The Under Worlds"

Saa Neter & Phil Valentine "The Anatomy of Betrayal"

Fall of the Republic (DVD)

The Flouride Deception (DVD)

Advanced Sexual Technics

Egyptian Book of the Dead "Video"

Phil Valentine & Dr. Oyibo "Deep Mathematics & Metaphysics"

Beyond Racism & Civil Rights to Afrikan Revolution "Amos Wilson"

Brother Lamaar "Chemical Genocide"

Deconstructing the Myth of Aids

Malik Zulu Shabaz "The Death of Khalid Muhammad"

Azzaziel, Bobby Hemmitt & Phil Valentine "Cosmic Alignment"

Dr. Khalid A. Muhammad "Government Conspiracy to kill Black Men"

Bobby Hemmitt "Black Love & The Divine Family"

The Drugging of Our Children DVD

Dr. Edward Scobie "Caribbean History & Culture in African Scholarship"

Dr. Khalid Muhammad "The God Dam Whiteman!" Video

Khalid Muhammad "Goddam Uncle Sam"

Alim EL Bey (Lesson #3) The Constitution

Cosmic Healing Sounds & 1Hour Guided Standing Meditation (DVD)

Copy of Cosmic Healing Sounds & 1Hour Guided Standing Meditation (DVD)

Brother Alim El Bey: The Anatomy of God

Dr Llaila Afrika "The Development of Black Youth"

Bobby Hemmitt "Code of The Gods"

Sexual Techniques for Lovers

Prof. Molefi Asante "Deciphering Metu Neter" DVD

Nysut Amun-Re: Don't make the Same Mistakes That We Made...

Khalid Muhammad Vs Dominic Carter & Phil Donahue

Ghosts of Rwanda

Wayne Chandler "Energy, Prana and Chi"

Phil Valentine "Earth Alert - Global Report"

Bobby Hemmitt "Black Mental Illness"

Wakanda Black Panther Decoded DVD