Category: Blaxploitation Movies

Black Superman (aka Abar, The First Black Superman)

Darktown Strutters DVD

Mark of the Hawk (1957)

Real Gangsta's

Black Jesus (1971)

Leon Issac Kennedy "Penitentiary"

Twisted Justice (1989)

Lady Cocoa (1975)

Autobiograpghy of Miss Jane Pittman "DVD"

Five on the Black Hand Side

River Niger

The Candy Tangerine Man "1975"



Drum (1976)


Issac Hayes "Truck Turner"

The Three Muscatels

That Man Bolt "Fred Williamson"

The Education of Sonny Carson DVD

Crazy Joe (1974)

A Raisin in the Sun (1961)

Mahogany (1975)

Soul of Nigger Charlie


Shaft's Big Score

Mean Mother

A Piece of the Action

Soul Vengence

Melinda "DVD" Jim Kelly

Which Way is Up (Richard Pryor)

Scream, Blacula, Scream DVD

Matty Rich's "Straight Out of Brooklyn"

Gordon's War (1987)

Cool Breeze (1972)



A Rage in Harlem

Black Ninja

Come Back Charleston Blue

The Legend of Nigger Charley

South Bronx Heroes (Mario Van Peebles)

Blood Tide (1982)

Hammer 1972

Hell Up In Harlem (1973)

Shaka Zulu - The Complete 10 Part Television Epic DVD

The Mack

Leon Issac Kennedy "Penitentiary II"

Dr. Black Mr. Hyde (1976)

187 "Samuel Jackson"

The Black Godfather

J.D.'s Revenge


Across 110th Street "Yaphet Kotto"

Nightmares From the Crypt

Fred Williamson & Pam Grier "Bucktown"

Amazing Grace (1974) "Moms Mabley"

Ron O'Neal "SuperFly" 1972

One Down Two to Go (1982)

Black Shampoo

The Arena

Pam Grier "Black Mama White Mama"

Thomasine & Bushrod

Human Tornado "Rudy Ray Moore"

Dolemite "Petey Wheatstraw"

Buck & The Preacher

Three the Hard Way

Disco Godfather "Rudy Ray Moore"

Abby (1974) DVD

Willie Dynamite

Carmen Jones DVD

Uptown Saturday Night

Women in Cages

Black Caesar

The Spook Who sat by the Door (DVD)

Black Six

The Black Brigade

Crime Partners (DVD)

Death Journey

Jasons's Lyric

Blackenstein (1973)

Cleopatra Jones

Let's Do It Again DVD

Mean Johnny Barrows (1975)

Claudine (1974)

Black Gestapo

Fred Williamson "Black Caesar"

Cornbread Earl & Me (1975)

Pam Grier "Sheba, Baby"

Get Christie Love (1974)

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner (1968)



Dolemite "Rudy Ray Moore"

Black Like Me (1964)

Jim Brown "Slaughter"

G.I. Bro "Fred Williamson"

Cotton Comes to Harlem



Black Dragon Fever

The Warriors (1979)

Foxy Brown

Warriors of the Wasteland (1982)

Car Wash

Hoodlum "Lawrence Fishburn"

Friday Foster

Cooley High

Monkey Hustle (1976)

Shaft in Africa

Johnny Tough "VHS & DVD"

Black Voodoo (1977)

Go Tell It on the Mountain (1985)

Trick Baby "Iceberg Slim" DVD

"Black Cobra" The entire series packed onto one disc

Lady Sings the Blues

Mahogany (1975)

Trouble Man

Brother John DVD

Urban Action Cinema DVD 15 Movies