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Classic Soul "Vol #8" DVD

Classic Soul
Brand Name: Classic Soul
Item#/SKU: cs #8
  • James Brown Live 1973 - Interview With James Brown, Get on the Good Foot,Soul Power, Make it Funky, Cold Sweat, Try Me, Hot Pants, Sex Machine,Interview with Teddy Brown (James Brown's Son), Question & Answer session with James Brown,
  • Lynn Collins Live - Never Gonna Give you up
  • James Brown Live - Super Bad, Please, Please, Please, Say It Loud (I'm Black & I'm Proud), Fred Wesley & The JB's Jam session
  • Lynn Collins Live - Rock Me Again, Again, Again,
  • Sweet Charles - Soul Man
  • James Brown Live - Payback
  • 1974 Interview "James Brown Presented with award by The National Director of The National Youth Movement Inc 19yr old Al Sharpton"
  • James Brown & Introducing Diana Brown (James Brown Daughter) age 7 dancing with her father Live - Hell, Try Me, Papa Don't Take No Mess & My Thang.
  • Stylistics 1974 - Rock & Roll Baby
  • Bobby Womack - Looking For a Love
  • Undisputed Truth - Help Yourself
  • Stylistic's - Question & Answer Session, You Make me Feel Brand New
  • Bobby Womack - "Let it Hang Out Point of No Return"
  • Interview with Fred Williamson & Jim Brown "Promoting Three the Hard Way movie"
  • Stylistics - Betcha By Golly, Wow
  • The Staple Singers Live (If You're Ready) Come Go With Me, A House is Not A Home (Mavis Solo)
  • Bunny Sigler - Thats How Long I'll be Loving You
  • The Staple Singers - Question & Answer, Touch A Hand (Make A Friend)
  • Bunny Sigler - Things Are Gonna Get Better
  • The Staple Singers - We The People
  • Run Time 2Hrs 57 Mins
  • VHS & DVD
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