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Black DVD's 4U Store Policies

Please note all orders ship Monday through Friday.

There are no weekend/holiday shipments

Enter your Shipping information exactly as it appears on your credit card or bank statement.

If the address information does not match what the credit card company has on file, your order can not be processed.

Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover card are accepted.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Credit card fraud is a very serious federal offense and we will aggressively prosecute anyone attempting to misuse a credit card number at our website. If you attempt to misuse a credit card or any other form of payment at House of Nubian Inc, you will be pursued and prosecuted for a federal offense to the full extent of the law. We do not ship ANY ORDERS until we are satisfied that the transaction is clean. We reserve the right to cancel, delay or request additional verification should we decide an order is suspiscious or fraudulent.

Sorry no C.O.D's or Personal Checks accepted

Return Policy: No refunds, VHS, DVD & CD's can only be exchanged (if defective) for the same item only within 10 days.

No merchandise will be accepted for exchange with out a return merchandise authorization (RMA).

Items returned without authorization will incur a 25% restocking Charge (No Exceptions!!!)