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About Black DVD's 4U

Black DVD's 4U, established in 2004, is a video company that specializes in providing rare and classic African American films, both in and out of print. Our mission is to provide (you) the consumer with an unlimited supply of hard to find films that you may have been searching for. For so long many rare and classic African American films have been lost, forgotten about, or just unavailable, but here is your chance to start a collection of rare and classic films, which detail the African American experience.

We promise to provide quality films, at a good price, on time and at your convenience. If we do not have a particular film that you've been looking for, we promise to try our best to find that film, to help keep your collection up to date. We here at Black DVD's 4U are also consumers, so this means if you have any rare and classic films in good condition that you think we can use, do not hesitate to contact us, because we also buy films.


Thank you,

Black DVD's 4U